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Can I still be seen by my regular doctor for a worker's comp claim or do I have to see the doctor my employer is telling me to see? - Roxie M; Deerfield; IL

Hello. I work at a construction site and was hit by a careless driver who failed to slow down. I had to be out of work for over 2 weeks because of my injuries. My boss says he doesn't owe me anything because the company was not at fault for my accident. I feel like I should at least get paid for being hurt on the job. Am I wrong to think this? - Guy K; Buffalo Grove, IL

What is the statute of limitations for nursing home injuries that may have the cause of death for the person and when does it begin? - Nancy O'Connor

My elderly grandmother was recently at a high-end retail store and suffered a horrible fall. She was on the escalator and her cane got stuck in the side part of the escalator. She tumbled down the stairs. Is this grounds for anything? - Chandra S; Chicago IL

Hi Mr. Malman, my question is about personal injury. How severe must the damage be in order to file a lawsuit? I was also offered a settlement by an insurance adjuster – should I consult a lawyer? - Ronald G, Naperville IL

How do I know when to contact a lawyer if I suspect my grandmother is experiencing abuse at the nursing home? Are there warning signs to look for? - Jennie K, Berwyn IL

I was hurt while working at my job as a factory worker. I was recently laid off. Am I still able to file for worker's comp even though I'm no longer employed by the company? - Fernando T, Calumet City IL

It has been almost a year since my auto accident. I think that I am entitled to some compensation but I am afraid it is too late to file my claim, how long do I typically have? - Ted P, Cicero, IL

I had an accident at work a few months back. I am now realizing that my recurring medical issues are due to the injury I suffered at work. Is there a time limitation as to when I must file for worker's comp? - Lonnie P; Villa Park, IL

If a person is experiencing any type of discomfort from what could have been a car crash but was not, however the impact is felt – do they have a case? Should my mother and me talk to a lawyer regarding this situation? Do we have a case against the company my mother rides with, and will bringing a case against this company bar my mother from using these services? - Phyllis, F; Chicago, IL

What is considered wrongful death? How do I know if a wrongful death case is a possibility? - Rebecca L, Waukegan, IL

My 88 year-old father fell at his nursing home on his way to get picked up to see his doctor. The nursing home knows he is practically legally blind and did not accompany him to the door where the driver was waiting for him. As a result of the fall, he had a hematoma of the skull which has caused him to have slurred speech and loss of movement in part of his body. I feel like this could have been prevented if a nurse had accompanied him. Can this be constituted as neglect? - Mathew W; Chicago IL

I was in a car accident about a month ago. At the scene I was asked to go to the hospital and I didn't want to go. I thought I was okay. I ended up going anyways and they did some x-rays and said everything looked fine. I've been having some neck issues since then and think this may be from the car accident. Since the hospital already cleared me, do I still have any chances of making a personal injury claim? - Noreen R; Chicago, IL

Hello, I was wondering what must be proved in order for a case to be considered “medical malpractice”. If someone misdiagnosed me, can that be a potential case? - Jessica H, Chicago IL

I was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist and now my insurance company says it won't pay for anything because the other party doesn't have insurance. I since have had back and neck issues due to the accident. Is there anything I can do? - Kelly M; Berwyn IL

I fell at my local gym two weeks ago. I was in a hurry to leave and did not realize that they had just washed the floor right by the locker room. There was no wet floor sign or anything to warn me of this. I slipped and fell and broke my ankle and my left arm trying to stop myself from falling. I've talked to the gym manager and he said it's my fault as I should not have been running. Do I have a case? -

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Newsweek 2013 Showcase - Leaders In Personal Injury