Chicago, IL Police Brutality – The Truth

People are used to hearing about police brutality in the news or reading about it online, but the truth is that police brutality is a very real problem. This isn’t something that just happens to convicted criminals. It can happen to anyone. Most people don’t think about it happening to them, unless it actually does. Once an incident occurs, the victim is forever affected by it. Suddenly, the sight of a uniformed officer is something to worry about, even if the officer in question is just out doing his or her duty and would never, ever consider harming anyone without reason.

Police Brutality is a Civil Rights Violation

Police brutality is more than just a sad occurrence that shames law-abiding police officers and hurts victims, it is a violation of the basic rights secured by the United States Constitution for regular citizens and for convicted criminals. The Civil Rights Act of 1871 says that people who have had their Constitutional rights violated may sue the violator in a state or federal court. This includes victims of police brutality, whether or not they have been convicted of a crime. A person who has suffered from police brutality, no matter the form of brutality inflicted, has the right to recover damages for personal injuries and the violation of his or her civil rights in a court of law.

There are plenty of decent, hardworking, honorable police officers in the state of Illinois, but there are also some bad ones. Police officers who do not uphold the law should be held accountable for their actions. This is where the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates, P.C. comes in.

Police Brutality and Civil Rights Attorneys

Our law firm, located in Chicago, Illinois, has handled police brutality cases for nearly 15 years. When victims of police violence come to us, we take their injuries seriously and aggressively pursue their cases. We are committed to exposing police officers who commit uncalled-for acts of violence and getting compensation for the injured victims.

If you or someone you know is a victim of police brutality, contact our office by telephone or email for a free case evaluation. Experienced police brutality attorneys and civil rights violation attorneys stand ready to help you with your case.