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At Malman Law, our experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys understand that filing claims can be a tricky and confusing process. For a variety of reasons, many injured employees don’t think to file for damages sustained at work. Or if they do file, they are often forced to compromise for a much lower amount than what they are entitled to. Understanding your rights is crucial, and our experienced work accident attorneys can help you do that.

Employers and insurance companies both hope you don’t know enough to file a proper claim. After all, they have no incentive whatsoever to pay you for the time you need off of work, for your medical bills, and other costs incurred from an on-the-job injury. That is not to imply that claims adjusters are mean, terrible people – but we do want to illustrate to you that your financial hardships are not a great concern for them.

You need an advocate that is acting in your best interest. Our Chicago work injury lawyers have been successfully dealing with less-than-faithful insurance companies, unhelpful employers, and others since 1994. We are passionate about the rights of injured workers, and we have made it our life’s work to secure compensation for individuals going up against large corporations. We have expert knowledge of the law. We have represented thousands of cases since we began our firm, and we have a great deal of positive verdicts under our belts. Our adept Illinois workers comp lawyers make sure that you receive the money you need to move past your injury and begin working again.

Not Knowing Workers Comp Law Can Cost You

Although insurance companies may take care of your medical expenses and might even pay your wages while you take time off to recuperate, they usually won’t tell you that you are eligible for a lump sum settlement that can be worth thousands or even millions of dollars.

You Need Malman Law Work Accident Attorneys On Your Side

Studies have proven that it’s not worth it to tackle a legal case on your own. In fact, individuals who file claims without legal representation receive almost three times less than individuals who filed a personal injury suit with an attorney. Call or email us for a Free Workers Compensation Case Evaluation. You’ll speak with a knowledgeable Illinois workers compensation lawyer who will file your claim with the state. We’ll contact all the necessary parties and start the proceedings for starting your payments. We are familiar with the methods insurance providers employ to “trick” claimants into saying the wrong thing, leading to denial of claims or benefits. Thankfully, we have our own counter-tricks, and we aren’t afraid to take the case to court and sue the insurance companies. Fortunately, about 95% of our cases settle out of court.

Providing for your loved ones is hard work. No one wants to be out of work due to an injury. Taking advantage of the most efficient legal representation available for your workers compensation personal injury is what you deserve. Our attorneys are available on call day and night, and our zero fee guarantee means that if we are unable to collect a settlement or a verdict at trial, our services don’t cost you a penny.

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