Chicago, IL Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites are the most dangerous place for workers and every year thousands of Illinois workers are injured or die at construction sites. The lack of appropriate care, safety procedures, or not using tools with care can be dangerous not only for the construction worker, but for other workers around them. The negligence of a worker of another company can also affect many others on the construction sites.

A construction accident can cause serious injury or death. With the heavy equipment used in construction and the need to work on ladders and roofs causes serious accidents like spinal cord injuriestraumatic brain injury and paralysis. Chicago construction accident lawyers at Steven J. Malman & Associates have extensive experience in representing victims of construction accidents and help you get maximum compensation for all your losses including medical expenses, lost wages, disability and disfigurement and pain and suffering.

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Under Illinois worker compensation law, an injured worker is fully entitled to file and collect the workers compensation for injuries on construction sites. Also, the victim has rights to claim against a contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer or any other person of other companies as the fault party is not the employer of the injured worker. Our Chicago construction accident lawyers have right resources and are well experienced to handle all types of work related injury cases.

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