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Sexual assault and harassment of elderly patients in nursing homes may be vastly under-reported, according to independent surveys. These disgusting crimes should not go unpunished. Fortunately, the Chicago personal injury attorneys of Steven J. Malman & Associates can provide solid information and free consultations for victims (or families of victims) of nursing home harassment, assault, and sexual abuse.

Why are Nursing Home Residents More Vulnerable to Harassment and Abuse?

  1. Social taboos: older Americans typically have a more difficult time frankly discussing sexuality.
  2. Lack of a strong social support structure: in times of crisis, we turn to the people closest to us, such as friends, family members, spouses, and children. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents are isolated from most if not all of these primary supports. A spouse may have died. Children may be living far away or may not be in regular contact. This isolation can prevent seniors from getting help.
  3. Dysfunctional nursing home culture: Dysfunctional environments breed dangerous behaviors. An unpleasant or unkempt environment brings out the worst behaviors in all of us. Depressing, run-down nursing homes provide a perfect backdrop for abusers, making them feel more comfortable about perpetrating violence and assault.
  4. Pressure not to “snitch”: Our social drives are strong. We evolved to ‘close ranks’ and protect our groups, whatever they might be. When a resident identifies himself or herself with a nursing home, he or she may be loathe to “bite the hand that feeds”.

What are Some Signs and Symptoms of Elderly Sexual Abuse?

  • Bleeding, broken, or bruised inner thighs or genital region
  • Direct allegations of abuse/harassment
  • Refusal to discuss life at the nursing home and/or the staff members in charge
  • Strange/inappropriate comments about sex
  • Compromised immune system
  • Worsening of an underlying illness or condition.
  • STD acquisition

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