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Unreasonable Restraint in Nursing Homes

Unreasonable restraint of nursing home patients can increase risk for injury and death. The Chicago personal injury lawyers here at Steven J. Malman & Associates strive to deliver solid strategies and solutions for victims of unreasonable restraint, and we provide a zero fee guarantee and a 24X7 hotline for potential claimants.

What Constitutes ‘Restraint’?

  • Physical restraints can include hand and arm restraints, cushions and vests, unmovable lap trays, bed guard rails, and even tightly tucked-in sheets.
  • Chemical restraints include pharmaceuticals such as sleeping aids, mood stabilizers, and ‘extra’ doses of a patient’s normal medication.

Why Are Restraints Allowed?

In some situations, patients can physically injure themselves if not restrained:

  • For instance, a patient after surgery may be extremely sensitive; moving, even accidentally, could tear stitches or otherwise compromise recovery.
  • Alternatively, if a patient has a history of falling out of bed and hurting himself, restraints might prevent future falls.

When is a Restraint Unreasonable?

Restraints can harm health and well-being. Problems that result can include:

  • Patient humiliation
  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers
  • Decreased muscle tone and coordination
  • Emotional detachment and isolation
  • Frustration and stress stemming from being unable to move freely

Unauthorized or ‘under-authorized’ use of restraints can be grounds for legal action. In some cases, nursing homes will restraint patients because they get ‘tired’ of ‘dealing with them.’ In other cases, staffers may use restraints to control, manipulate, or punish seniors.

If you suspect that an elderly friend or relative has been the victim of unwanted/unreasonable restraint at a nursing home, help is available.Personal injury lawyers in Chicago, IL are standing by to discuss your situation and provide a free, no obligation consultation. Our hotline is open 24X7 and we also take email inquires as well at

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