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Wrongful Care in Illinois Nursing Homes

When elderly residents check into nursing home facilities, they expect sensible, proactive and compassionate treatment. Unfortunately, the statistics show that many nursing care facilities deliver inadequate — or sometimes even dangerously wrongful — care. The Northern Illinois personal injury lawyers of Steven J. Malman & Associates have proudly fought against outrageous neglect and abuse for over fifteen years (since 1994), and we have dealt with matters ranging from auto accidents to traumatic brain injury to nursing home neglect and abuse. We use a systematic, time proven, and client centered process to investigate allegations, build structured arguments, and leverage our knowledge todeliver results.

What Constitutes Wrongful or Inappropriate Care at a Nursing Home?

The answer depends on the specific needs of a resident. Some patients require dietary supplements, medications, regular repositioning (to avoid bedsores and sepsis), therapy/ counseling, and other special services. They can suffer grievously if the home fails to provide for these needs. Conversely, some actions can constitute abuse, neglect, or harassment regardless of a resident’s history or underlying conditions. For instance:

  • Failure to provide nutritious meals
  • Failure to provide opportunities for regular exercise and socialization
  • Ignoring a resident’s complaints or concerns
  • Illegal restraint via physical or chemical means
  • Misdiagnosis or mistreatment that could constitute malpractice on the part of attending nurses, physicians or other providers affiliated with the care facility.

Wrongful or inappropriate care can set off a cascade of problems that can ultimately lead to serious injury or death. For instance, let’s say a resident complains about a bedsore. A nursing home staff member either ignores this complaint or fails to reposition the patient appropriately. The bedsore worsens into a stage 3 or 4 bedsore. This in turn weakens the patient’s immune system. Sepsis results. The infection spreads, exacerbating underlying medical problems and weakening the immune system further. The patient goes in for surgery to correct a problem related to the sepsis. But then the surgery proves too traumatic, and the patient passes away.

In such a situation, it can be argued that, had the patient received proper bedside care in the first place, he or she would never have suffered the cascade of misfortunes that led to death.

Of course, developing a Chicago nursing home injury case requires nuanced and methodical investigation. That’s why many victims in and around the Northern Illinois area turn to Steven J. Malman & Associates. Since 1994, we have provided legal guidance for over 6,000 claimants, and we have built a record for success and client satisfaction. Connect with our operators by calling the office, and take advantage of our zero fee guarantee. Discover your options – and a compassionate, well-educated ally – today by calling us for your free consultation.

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