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Pursuing legal services can definitely be overwhelming, especially if money is an issue, as it is for many of our clients. Even if you know in your heart that justice is on your side, you may be afraid to lose your job, your savings or just a great deal of time. No one wants to gamble with his or her personal assets in court. The personal injury lawyers here at Malman Law understand those concerns, and we’ve come up with a solution to ease your anxiety. It’s our zero fee guarantee.

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Malman Law’s Zero Fee Guarantee means that you do not pay for our legal services – unless we are successful in securing a settlement for you, either in court or through your insurance company. When you are injured, your most important priority is resting and recovering so you can be back at work. We are sympathetic to your situation, and we also know that the last thing you need is a high-pressure sales situation from anyone, especially a personal injury lawyer. That’s why our case evaluations are always free, with no obligation to hire us.

If your injury has rendered you unable to visit our offices in the Loop, we are willing to travel to your home or hospital room for free. We know you have endured enough pain already, and we just want to do our job – which is protecting your rights and getting your compensation.  We serve the Cook County, Lake County, Dupage County, and Will County areas in Illinois.

Why do our Chicago personal injury attorneys offer to work for free? An excellent question – and the short answer is motivation. We know that if we don’t get you a settlement, we don’t earn anything. It takes some of the emotional weight off of our clients’ shoulders. And most importantly, it allows you to rest and recover, while we work to help you move past your injury to brighter day. I personally guarantee that we will do everything we can to make that happen.


Steven J. Malman


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The Malman Law Zero Fee Guarantee
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Newsweek 2013 Showcase - Leaders In Personal Injury