Malman Law is sponsoring Camp Out for Kids, a non-profit organization that provides kids under the age of 18 the ability to attend an overnight camp of their choice. The kids choose the camp, and Camp Out for Kids takes care of the rest. The attorneys at Malman Law believe that every child deserves a chance to participate in activities such as this. In addition to the event, attorneys and staff will be attending the event on December 5th, 2013 at American Junkie, 15 W Illinois St., in Chicago.  Attorney Adam Meadow said of the organization, “It is a great organization, 100 percent of the profits goes to the children. These profits give the children a chance to take part in activities that makes them feel a part of something.”

Camp Out for Kids selects the children by keeping an open mind to reach the best possible campers. They accept potential camper recommendations from all sources including teachers, coaches, and those associated with other non-profit organizations. All the kids have to do is submit a presentation such as an essay or video that they feel best describes the reasons they would like attend summer camp.

The charity was founded by Marc Lifshin, Brian Neiswender, and Barry Howard in 2007 with the mission to help make a change in some children’s lives. The organization’s success is due to its volunteers and sponsors who keep the organization running.

To learn more about Malman Law and its efforts to sponsor this organization, keep up with us on social media to see postings of pictures of our staff at the event.

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