Chicago is a busy city and everyday it seems that more people are resorting to bicycling to their destination in place of driving, walking, and even public transportation. The choice makes sense—as there are many benefits to bicycling including health, the environment, and it is even an option that helps commuters to save their money.  Despite these benefits, there are also critical safety downfalls that is causing the city of Chicago and bicycle advocates to push for solutions. In a new report by the Chicago Sun-Times, the city of Chicago is now taking new safety measures to protect bicyclists on the street. The Sun-Times reported, “Chicago’s burgeoning network of protected bike lanes are about to rise to a whole new level of separation, safety and cost.”

The solution that many are advocating for is called “curb separation,” where cyclists will be separated from motorists by a concrete curb. Many advocates are calling it a more permanent solution to city streets and believe that it will prevent motor vehicles from entering bike lanes. The “curb separation” will soon be used on the stretch of State Street between 26th and 55th.

 The Sun-Times also reported that the “curb separation” is under consideration for Clybourn Avenue between Division and North.

While these lanes are a greater expense, officials have argued that it is worth the added expense.

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Unfortunately, too often there are still reports on cyclists being hit and seriously injured or killed due to reckless drivers on the road. If you were a victim of an accident, call Malman Law, today to learn about your rights.