In New York City, the Citi Bike program offers New Yorkers a way to get around that doesn’t involve boarding a train, taking an expensive cab, or schlepping on foot. However, it’s just been hit with its first lawsuits, and the subject matter of the claims might surprise you. Were people injured while riding the bikes, you may be asking? Interestingly enough, they were not.

Several parties are suing the program after not being injured on the bikes themselves, but rather after tripping over the docking station. The injured parties are suing for both physical and psychological damages, interestingly enough. While these lawsuits may not have much weight, it’s not unlikely that more people will come forward with personal injury lawsuits over things that occur while riding the bikes. 

As the bikes get older, they may need repairs or maintenance, and if that’s not done in a manner that prevents malfunction, people may find themselves needing a bike accident lawyer. For instance, if the brake cables snap, or if the brake pads wear down too much and a rider is unable to stop, they could get into an accident and potentially sue Citi Bike (or any of the country’s other bike-sharing programs). 

As the owners of the program, Citi Bike will have to figure out what to do with the various lawsuits—one party is suing for $5 million. They may also want to rethink the color of the docking station’s base. Right now, it blends into the sidewalk very well, but what makes it aesthetically pleasing could be the same thing that is bringing on the lawsuits. 

If you’ve been injured in a bike crash or accident, don’t hesitate to contact a bike accident lawyer who can help you get compensated for your injuries.