Unfortunate accidents can happen to those who are driving safely on the road. On top of sustaining severe injuries and medical treatment, the overall damages done in an accident including time off work and pain and suffering can be very costly to a family.  The attorneys at Malman Law want accident victims to know that they have rights and our team of personal injury attorneys will fight for them to receive maximum compensation to cover these damages. An unfortunate accident occurred on September 2 that caused both severe and minor injuries to both parties, including three children.

Chicago Tribune Breaking News reported that an overnight crash occurred during Labor Day weekend on the Illinois Tri-State Tollway. The crash resulted in 6 injuries including 3 children. The cause of the crash was said to have been from another driver who made an improper lane change. The result of the impact of the negligent driver caused the car that was struck from the side to roll over. The vehicle struck held inside a 12-year-old girl, a 6-year-old boy, and a 4-year-old boy.

Both parties of the accident were injured. The parents of the 3 children suffered severe injuries and were taken to Loyola Medical Center while the children suffered minor injuries and were taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital to seek medical attention.

The driver who was said to have caused the accident was taken to Elmhurst hospital for minor injuries.

Further details of the accident are reported to still be under investigation.

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