A nursing home lawyer in Chicago can be necessary in certain situations to protect the rights of you or your loved ones. Here are the top situations that may require assistance from a qualified legal professional:

Legal Documents: If you are being asked to sign legally binding documents at the time of admission to a long term care facility, you may want to consult a nursing home lawyer in Chicago. One example is a mandatory arbitration agreement included in admission paperwork. This is a standard form that is often a contingency to admission, and many patients or their family members sign it without realizing that they are signing over some of the patient’s legal rights.

Injury, Abuse or Neglect: If your loved one sustains an injury in a long term care facility, whether it is intentional or unintentional, you should contact a nursing home lawyer in Chicago immediately. The longer you wait or hope for the nursing home or care facility to resolve the issue, the greater the chances of a repeat incident or further complications.

Wrongful Death: Because the population of nursing homes and care facilities are generally in poorer health than the general population, small oversights or errors can have disastrous consequences. If your loved one passed away as a result of abuse, negligence or malpractice in a nursing home, you need a nursing home lawyer in Chicago to help you.