With the increase in foot and vehicle traffic, cyclists need to be extra-vigilant while they are commuting by bike. The back-to-school time can cause people to feel a little frazzled or tired, and they may not be paying attention as best as they could be, which can lead to cyclists getting hit. Now only should pedestrians and drivers be more alert, but cyclists should also be highly attentive to best ward off potential accidents.

Possibility for Collisions

When more people are on the road, either driving to school themselves or driving their kids to work, they may be distracted—thinking about homework they didn’t finish, the busy day they have ahead, or whether they grabbed the kids’ lunches before heading out the door. This distraction can easily cause an accident, as they may not be looking out for bicycles while driving. Pedestrians may also be distracted, checking emails on their phones or simply not paying attention when they cross streets to make sure that a bicycle is not in their way. This is how cyclists get hit by cars and pedestrians get hit by bikes—lack of attention paid. This is where personal injury lawyers come in—when cyclists get injured due to avoiding accidents, or when they get hit.

Safety Precautions

In order to avoid being injured, pedestrians absolutely need to look both ways before they cross streets and make sure a cyclist isn’t about to cross an intersection. Cyclists should also be on the lookout for pedestrians who are waiting to cross, cars that may be stopping soon or pulling away from curbs, or car doors about to open. Drivers in cars should watch for cyclists—again, crossing intersections, or simply sharing the road. If you do unfortunately get into an accident, either with a pedestrian, cyclist, or car, it’s important to hire a personal injury attorney who can help you sort out the details like who was at fault and what insurance regulations should be followed up on.