Overall, Chicago drunk driving has seen decline over the past couple of decades. The downward trend is thanks in part to efforts on the part of special interest groups and stricter legislation. However, drunk driving in Illinois still accounts for more than 39 percent of all vehicle fatalities.

So, how much is too much?

  • The legal limit for drunk driving in Illinois is a blood alcohol level of .08 
  • Men: Four alcoholic drinks in one hour on an empty stomach, on average, puts you at or over .08 
  • Women: Three alcoholic drinks in the same time period, on average, will result in a blood alcohol level at or over the legal limit. 

Any time there is a question of whether someone is “okay to drive”, they are not. Drunk driving in Illinois can result in an accident or wrongful death. In this case, not only is the driver likely to be brought up on drunk driving charges but they are also liable for the pain and suffering of any injured parties. The bottom line is that driving under the influence is never the right choice, and is not worth the possible consequences.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, speak with a qualified legal professional about your options right away.