When you’ve been in a car accident, you may be confused about how you should proceed, what you should or need to do, and whether you should bring the case to court, if the other driver was at fault. Thankfully, you don’t have to answer these questions on your own—car crash attorneys are trained to be able to give quality advice to people who have been involved in car wrecks. If you have been in one recently, there are several ways that an attorney can help.

Gather Details and Help Build a Case

When you’ve been in accident, you might be injured, without a car, or missing work—or all three. Car crash attorneys know that the time immediately following an accident is extremely stressful, but also that it’s at that time when details need to be noted. Contacting a lawyer when you’ve been in an accident is easier than talking directly with an insurance agent, especially because a lawyer will advise you not to hand out any information you don’t absolutely need to, especially to insurance companies. A car accident lawyer will work with you to gather details about what happened and help you build a case, ultimately helping you get your life back on track after being in a crash.

Correspond with Insurance Companies and Medical Institutions

Right after a car accident, your focus should be recovering and getting your life back on track. Some insurance companies, however, will try to do anything in their power to avoid paying out for damages or injuries and medical bills. For this reason, hiring a car accident lawyer can be helpful, as you can direct all correspondences to the lawyer rather than fielding somewhat tricky questions yourself. The same goes for medical institutions like doctors’ offices and hospitals. Car crash attorneys can help you uncomplicate your life by handling issues with insurance companies and doctors, making it easier for you to focus on things like recovering from injuries and getting back to work.