Winter can be a difficult period for any construction worker, but as winter comes to a close, the warmer air of spring takes its place. With the transition of spring, it’s time to focus on what will happen this summer, during those months when the blazing heat can be just as dangerous as the harsh cold. Construction workers can actually be more at risk for illness and injury during summer, when they wear lighter uniforms that expose their skin. Summertime comes with new risks that outdoor workers must consider on the job.

Heat Exhaustion

If a construction worker exerts himself too much and too long in the heat and sun, heat exhaustion may occur. This is when the body can’t cool down fast enough, eventually overheating and causing heat stroke. For this reason, you must remember to take breaks and avoid overexertion when working outside in excessive heat.


You don’t have to exert yourself much to fall victim to dehydration. Simply standing in one place and sweating profusely may cause this condition, making you feel weak before leading to other medical complications, or even death. Always make sure you’re getting the fluids your body needs to sustain itself, and carry a bottle of water around wherever you work.

Sunburn and Skin Cancer

If you overexpose your skin to the sun’s UV rays while working, you can experience severe sunburn without realizing it. If unprotected skin is exposed to the sun frequently enough, skin cancer or other skin conditions can develop. Protect yourself by wearing sunscreen when working outdoors for prolonged periods of time.

Slips and Falls

Winter’s icy conditions may be gone, but slipping and falling are still serious concerns in the summertime. Slippery surfaces left behind by rain and humidity make slipping and falling dangerous during the spring and summer, so wear slip-resistant footwear and always mind your surroundings.

Incidents Involving Heavy Machinery

Clear roads, increased mobility and hospitable temperatures make road construction significantly more prominent during the summer. If you work on or around a construction site, be mindful of the heavy machinery on-site. If you’re working directly on an open street, be especially aware of passing cars.

Workers’ compensation provides care and protection in the event of a workplace accident. If you suspect a problem with your benefits, contact an injury lawyer for information and help.