When you are dealing with the accidental and tragic death of a loved one due to the neglect or fault of someone else, it is a very difficult time to focus on business decisions. However, finding the right wrongful death lawyer is critical to ensure that you get the compassionate and professional legal representation that your case deserves.

While your first instinct may be to simply choose the first wrongful death lawyer you speak with to represent you, it is important to be certain you are choosing the most professional, qualified and experienced attorney to handle your case.

Qualifications and Experience

While you may be able to find a lot of information about a wrongful death lawyer online it is worth a few minutes of time during the interview to ask about their qualifications and experience.

Be very specific and ask them to summarize their work as a wrongful death lawyer. Do not be swayed by impressive statements about work in other areas of the law as these do not apply to your case and your specific legal issue.

Evaluation of the Case

An experienced, highly trained and professional wrongful death lawyer will be able to give you an overview of the strengths and potential challenges of your case. While most wrongful death cases appear very straightforward to the family, there can be complex issues involved that your attorney can highlight.

Be very careful of a wrongful death lawyer that seems to be promising a specific monetary award or promises your case will be heard and resolved in a very short period of time. These cases can be very complicated and may take months or years to settle if they go to court.


Always ask about fees and any out of pocket expenses required. A top wrongful death lawyer will work on a contingency fee, meaning they will get paid out of the settlement. You also need to make sure that the attorney is able to both negotiate on your behalf and go all the way through to litigation if required.

Interviewing at least three different professionals will allow you to determine your comfort level and understand how each wrongful death lawyer sees your case. You can then make an informed decision as to which professional is the best for you to work with going forward.