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Man Driving a VehicleSome motor vehicle accidents involve just one vehicle. For example, a vehicle may collide with a fixed object or run off the road after diverting an object in the middle of the highway. In single vehicle accidents, insurance often puts the blame on the driver of that vehicle, holding him or her liable for injuries and damages.

While a large majority of single vehicle accidents are the victims’ fault, there are instances where they may not be. If you are the victim of a single vehicle accident that was not your fault, it is imperative that you contact an accident attorney. An attorney can help represent your case against insurance companies, who will work hard to shift the blame solely to you.

Causes of Single Vehicle Accidents

There are multiple causes of single vehicle accidents, and some may not be the drivers’ fault. Some examples where the driver may not be at fault include:

  • Poor Weather: If the driver was acting cautiously, poor or severe weather may cause an accident. For example, slippery road conditions can cause drivers to lose control, even if they were not speeding or driving recklessly.
  • Obstacles in the Roadway: Obstacles can create hazardous conditions for drivers and cause single vehicle incidents. If a person or entity is responsible for leaving that obstacle, the driver may be able to shift liability.
  • Vehicle Malfunctions: Malfunctions with the vehicle itself may lead to an accident. For example, defective tires or brakes could lead to a car accident. In this instance, it would be the manufacturer of the vehicle or defective component that is likely to be at fault.
  • Another Vehicle: While the two vehicles do not collide, there are instances where another vehicle can cause a single-vehicle accident. For example, a driver may not pay attention and change lanes, forcing the other vehicle to veer off the road and collide with a fixed object. While there was only one vehicle that collided with the object, the other driver is responsible for causing the wreck.
  • Road Defects: Motorcycles are especially susceptible to road defects. If there is excess gravel, potholes, and inconsistencies in the asphalt, the rider may lose control of the motorcycle.

Shifting Liability from Yourself

To avoid costly insurance premium hikes and paying for lost wages and medical bills yourself, you must hold the other party accountable for causing your incident. These types of accidents are especially complex and there is not always ample evidence. With the assistance of an accident attorney, you may be able to gather the evidence you need to prove that you were not at fault for the incident.

A way in which you can assist yourself and your attorney is by taking photographs of the accident scene. Also, gathering witness information to contact them later could help you gather much needed evidence.

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