Fall accidents are one of the most common accidents that cause serious injury and even death in the United States. Fall accidents, especially at work are usually unexpected and can alter the way a worker is able to perform their duties at work. This often leads to time off of work, lost wages, or decreased hours due to a change in duties. To learn more about workers’ compensation, and its frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page. Ultimately, if you or a loved one were hurt due to fall accident at work, an Illinois accident attorney can provide legal representation to accurately determine how the fall occurred and identify the party responsible to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and time off of work.

Unfortunately, it was recently reported that a 44-year-old man was killed after falling while unloading a truck at a mall in a suburb of Chicago, according to Chicago Tribune Breaking News.

The worker was unloading the boxes from the back of a truck and fell to the ground. According to authorities, the autopsy determined that he died of multiple injuries when he fell and was crushed by falling boxes.

During unexpected times like this, a workers’ compensation attorney can assist a family who already has to deal with the loss of a loved one during the process of investigation and working with possible parties who may be liable for injury or death.

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