If you have a serious medical condition or emergency, your only recourse is to put your well-being and your life into the hands of health care professionals. While often times a trip to one of the many Chicago doctors or hospitals goes as planned, what do you do when a mistake has been made? Having the right Did you know that over one million people per year in the United States are harmed from medication errors? When you stop and think about all that can go wrong with so many different medications on the market, the statistics are not surprising.  Common reasons for medication errors include:

  1. Misdiagnosis – If you are misdiagnosed, you can be on the fast track to a medication error.
  2. Incorrect dosage – even if you have the right prescription, the wrong dosage can mean the difference between wellness and serious health risks. In fact, incorrect dosage makes up the majority of medication error fatalities.
  3. Receiving the wrong prescription – Among the thousands of different drugs available, it’s understandable how a common clerical mistake can profoundly impact a patient’s health.
  4. Product labeling or packaging errors – It only takes one time for a medicine mislabel problem to cause a serious problem.

With the millions of Chicagoans served by health care professionals daily, mistakes will happen, and you should never feel any reservation about reporting a medication error. Only your doctors know how to prescribe medication, so they must be held responsible if you receive incorrect, delayed or improper dosage of medicine. You can trust the seasoned Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Malman Law to ensure that those at fault are held responsible.

If you have experienced health problems such as a chronic disease, condition or injury, and you suspect you may have been given the wrong medication, contact Malman Law PC: the premier malpractice lawyers in Illinois.  We are here to listen to your claim at any time. Call 1-888-MALMAN-LAW to set up your complimentary medical malpractice consultation.