As spring approaches in Chicago and Northern Illinois this means the return of many things: green grass, leaves on the trees, flowers blooming, warmer weather – and of course motorcycles! Whether you ride or not you can’t ignore the fact everyone must adjust to sharing the road with our two-wheeled friends and if you do own a bike you may need a refresher on some of the laws in the Land of Lincoln. We will also offer some advice on when to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, but there are some basic facts you should always be aware of. 

Here are some laws you need to adhere to before firing up your motorcycle in 2013:

  • Illinois does not require helmets (although they could save your life)
  • Illinois law requires daytime use of headlights – modulating headlights are permitted
  • Handlebar height must be below the shoulder
  • Mufflers are required and cannot be modified to increase noise level

Motorcyclists must:

  • carry minimum amount of liability insurance
  • wear eye protection if they don’t have a windscreen
  • obey all traffic signs and street signs
  • pass written and road exam for their classification 

The misconception of motorcycle riders is a problem nationwide. However, a much more real problem is negligent drivers who cause accidents resulting in the injury or death of motorcycle riders. Accident attorneys have represented motorcycle riders for decades and chances are you have heard of some of the cases. When you consider the physics of a motorcycle against a car, van, or tractor trailer, you can certainly imagine the need for legal representation from a motorcycle accident lawyer. 

While the purpose of this post was to inform you of the basic motorcycle laws in Illinois so you can be safe and legal on the road, the truth is you run the risk of an accident every time you hit the pavement. All motorists are susceptible to negligent and bad drivers but they are inside of a vehicle; not on top of a motorcycle. Please pay attention to the laws we have posted, and also keep in mind the name of a good accident attorney in case you or a riding buddy needs one.