At hospitals, we trust that we’re in good hands, surrounded by medical professionals who truly care about our well-being. Unfortunately, doctors and other individuals can abuse their authority and cause serious injury, that have been responsible for long-term, life-changing conditions, such as a case that took place in Ohio.

A recent compensation claim involved a 42-year-old man who became paralyzed in a hospital. He claimed that an employee had caused a serious neck injury when improperly restraining himin the ER. As a result, he filed a claim against OhioHealth a year later in 2010. The trial was heard by a Common Pleas Judge last month.

The neck injury victim received over $2 million for all medical costs and care, as well as $547,000 in damages. The hospital firmly rejected the man’s claims, believing the injuries were self-inflicted, but the jury disagreed, allowing the man to receive the nearly-$2.8 million in settlements.

If you have suffered from a neck injury or any others sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Although monetary compensation will never make up for the pain endured, the medical costs involved can quickly stack up causing additional discomfort. Throughthe representation of a personal injury attorney, the stress of having to pay for recuperation and rehabilitation doesn’t have to pile on over everything else.