“Note to road warriors who try to work during their commute: You may have to find another time for that conference call. Last week, the National Transportation and Safety Board recommended that states should ban all cell phone use by drivers — including talking on speakerphone, using a hands-free device, and texting — in order to minimize distractions. And it turns out that plenty of people agree with them.

According to a new poll by Sodahead.com, 58 percent of respondents would support such a ban,” including “67 percent of about-to-be parents and 54 percent of respondents with kids,” reports Yahoo! Shine

Many Chicagoland cities and towns already have cell phone bans in place and are working to enact bans on all behaviors classified as “distracted driving.” However, many people in Chicagoland as well as respondents to the Sodahead.com survey have questioned whether all “distracted driving” behaviors can effectively be banned.

Others feel that increased education and public service announcements about the hazards of distracted driving will be more practical and efficient than bans on distracted driving or cell phone use.

Unfortunately, sometimes the most effective way to prevent cell phone use and distracted driving is beyond legislation and PSA’s – personal experience with a car accident or “near-miss” often provides a necessary wake up call to drivers, passengers, or those effected by car accident casualties.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys know that distracted driving is hazardous; it causes accidents. To avoid being involved in a Chicago car accident, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road at all times. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by distracted driving or other negligence, contact a Chicago car accident attorney right away.

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