Late last month rockstar Bret Michaels filed an injury lawsuit naming CBS and the Tony Awards. The suit alleges that producers of the Tony Awards and CBS were responsible for injuries sustained by Michaels following his performance during the awards show.

The injury lawsuit states that Michaels asked for direction regarding where to stand and how to exit the stage during and after his performance, but was told only to exit to the rear of the stage.

Unfortunately, “during the opening number on telecast, Michaels suffered a fractured nose and split lip after he was hit by a large sign descending from the ceiling following Poison’s performance of “Nothin’ But a Good Time” with the “Rock of Ages” cast,” according to Yahoo! News.

In his injury lawsuit, Michaels says he was not warned of potential hazards associated with the moving set, particularly a piece of scenery that would be descending as he was exiting the stage.

The rocker appears to have recovered from the accident, but the injury lawsuit claims that producers have not remedied the situation and have placed blame for the accident on Michaels, indicating that he “missed his mark.”

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