Slips, trips, and falls are common occurrences in many workplaces, especially in factories, warehouses, and laboratories. With spills on the floor, it is most likely that you will slip if you are not careful or aware of the spill. Most of the time, people will brush the fall or slip aside because the injury is likely to be mild, thus, it is not necessary to make a mountain out of a molehill. However, there are people who have sustained severe injuries from these slip or fall accidents.

When that happens to you, you will have plenty of medical bills to cover, and you will most likely miss a few days, or even a few weeks of work. If you are unlucky, your life might never be the same due to the severity of your injuries. This type of misfortune is certainly something that people do not plan, and it is extremely difficult to prevent it from happening. In addition, it is often tough to process and to understand this type of situation. Fortunately, there are professionals out there who are able to support and assist you in situations which involve slips, trips, and falls.

When you find yourself in this particular situation, never assume that it is your fault, as it can be another business, person, or company’s fault. For example, if you slipped in a shopping center, you may have a premises liability case, and as a result, you may obtain a reimbursement from the company or business for everything that you have to go through. Slips, trips, and falls can happen anywhere and at any time.

Below you will find several common places where this can happen:

  1. Homes of your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues
  2. Parking garages, parking lots, and driveways
  3. Swimming pools or areas
  4. Shopping malls, grocery stores, gyms
  5. Factories, warehouses, and laboratories
  6. Construction areas
  7. Clubs, restaurants, cafes, and pubs
  8. And many more

Some injuries that are caused by slips, trips, and falls include:

  1. Minor bumps and bruises
  2. Minor traumatic injuries or concussions
  3. Back injuries such as slipped discs
  4. Head, neck, facial injuries
  5. Broken or fractured bones
  6. Spinal injuries
  7. Traumatic brain or head injuries

As you realize by now, a slip, a trip, or a fall can cause traumatic injuries, which is why you need to hire a reputable lawyer to guide you through such a case. It is imperative that you take the time to find the best lawyer to represent you and to ensure that you receive the best compensation package for everything that you have had to go through.

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