If you are injured or if property is damaged in an accident, you need to understand your rights before you speak with an insurance agent. Consulting a personal injury attorney will benefit your personal injury claim in many ways.

Reasons for Talking to an Attorney

Serious injuries warrant lawsuits if someone is responsible for the accident that caused them. In Illinois, claimants have two years following an accident to file a claim. After you have received adequate medical attention, personal injury lawyers will be able to review your injury claim and determine if you have a buildable case. Choosing to speak with an attorney helps you avoid contacting insurance companies while you’re vulnerable.

The problem with going straight to insurance companies is that they will try to minimize risk in any way possible. They may reject your claim outright, hoping that you won’t attempt to file another claim, or they may suggest that you were at fault for your injuries to an extent, claiming that you acted negligently.

If you release documents to an insurer, they may not help you as much as they would in the hands of a personal injury lawyer. Because insurance companies want to avoid large payouts any way they can, submitted documents may simply result in minimal compensation or the rejection of your claim.

Finding an Attorney

When you choose to speak with an attorney, you will not only learn if you have a personal injury case, but you will also be able to discover the true value of your injuries and damages. Any police, medical reports, witness accounts and other documents will be useful in a lawsuit if you consult a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

If you believe you have a personal injury claim, don’t consider filing a claim with insurance companies. Instead, choose legal team with the experience and knowledge to handle your case, without any payment until a settlement is reached.