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Construction sites are notoriously dangerous places to work, and the accidents that may transpire there could leave you temporarily out of work, permanently crippled or worse. Accidents don’t just happen, though—most of the time, somebody or something is responsible, and they should always be held accountable. When you’re injured in a construction accident, you can’t afford to waste time—you need to contact injury attorneys as soon as possible, and especially before you sign any forms that may have been offered to you.

Illinois Construction Accident Attorneys Determine Fault

One reason that you need to act quickly in the case of a construction accident is that the cause of the accident can be surprisingly complex. A single person’s negligence could be to blame, or an entire group of people. It could be the result of unsafe equipment or an ill-maintained environment. For your injury attorneys to successfully investigate and determine the cause of the accident, they need to start their investigation as soon as possible. The further removed you are from the accident, the more difficult it becomes to ascertain the cause and the parties responsible.

Fighting Pressure from Your Employer

Starting your claim and the associated investigation as soon as possible also behooves an injured worker, because in the case of a construction accident, you may be pressured by your employer and/or insurance to sign certain forms documenting the accident. The problem with signing forms like these is that they may waive any liability that the responsible parties should have, leaving you high and dry. In the aftermath of your accident, avoid signing any documentation pertaining to what happened, and contact an Illinois construction accident attorney as soon as possible.

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