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Have you been injured in a accident? Often, injury victims in Addison and other northern Illinois cities struggle to make use of legal resources effectively. Some individuals eschew consulting with an attorney because they don’t want to “make a big deal” out of seemingly minor injuries. Unfortunately, small injuries can get worse over time and can cause chronic problems, such as decreased work performance, anxiety, and physical impairment. To get the best possible outcome – financially and otherwise – you likely should seek out legal counsel, if only to learn what kinds of resources may be available to you. The injury and accident attorneys here at Malman Law would be more than happy to discuss your matter and suggest possible remedies. Dial 1-(888) 570-4607 or fill out our free online consultation.

About Addison, IL

The Village of Addison, Illinois – home to nearly 40,000 people as of the latest census – supports a thriving local arts community, a variety of industries and farms, and significant diversity, demographically and culturally. Recently, when the Chicago White Sox went in search of a new home to replace Comiskey Park, the team found itself on the verge of relocating to Addison’s Industrial District. This proposal was defeated, however, due to the fact that many locals feared that the introduction of a Major League Baseball stadium would lead to traffic congestion and increased crime.

Many Illinoisans travel to Addison to explore Salt Creek and visit the now-abandoned Adventureland Amusement Park (no relation, apparently, to the park featured in the movie Adventureland). The city’s charming small town character aside, however; Addison does see its fair share of accidents and injuries. Car crashes near Addison Trail High School, slip and fall injuries in the industrial district, water accidents around Salt Creek, and other unfortunate mishaps destroy property and ruin peoples’ lives.

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