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Advances in Technology

Advances in Technology Assist Treatment for Injuries of the Spinal Cord Advances in technology have enriched the lives of so many disabled individuals, especially in recent years. Consider advances in wheelchair technology, prosthetics, and hearing aids. Add to this list a new rehab glove that assists in treatment for injuries of the spinal cord. According … Continue reading Advances in Technology

Riding Your Bike

Riding Your Bike in Michigan State and National Parks In Michigan, bicyclists are permitted to ride on all highways and roadways, except limited access freeways or unless otherwise posted. Bicycles are also allowed on all road systems including those in the State of Michigan forests, state parks, national forests, and national parks. Many of the … Continue reading Riding Your Bike

Cell Phone Accident

A Cell Phone Accident: Your Employer May Take the Hit Cell phone accidents on the road are typically the result of distracted driving, but according to a recent article, lawyers are targeting companies whose employees have caused auto accidents while using their cell phones. And furthermore, juries and judges are handing out huge awards: The … Continue reading Cell Phone Accident

Police Corruption and Misconduct

Police Corruption and Misconduct Suits Settle for Millions Police corruption and misconduct is certainly not the norm in a profession that is truly the definition of public service. Most police officers are ethically sound and work to uphold the law, rather than use their powerful position to subjugate and injure the innocent individuals they are … Continue reading Police Corruption and Misconduct

Medical Error

Medical Error Reform Combats Rising Health Care Costs Medical error is a problem that no one wants to encounter. It can lead to pain and suffering on the part of the individual who receives erroneous care, along with being a very costly mess to untangle. The financial issues associated with medical error is commonly acknowledged … Continue reading Medical Error

Bionic Man

‘Bionic Man’ Overcomes Spinal Cord Injury to Bear Olympic Torch “Bionic Man” is what many are calling a British student who is walking again thanks to a revolutionary bionic exoskeleton suit. Twenty-two year old  David Follett was paralyzed after suffering a spinal cord injury (SCI) to his neck following an accident in which he was … Continue reading Bionic Man

Americans with Disabilities

Americans with Disabilities Act Violation: Lawsuit Against Chicago Police Americans with Disabilities Act laws are in place to establish a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability. An April 13th article in the Chicago Tribune outlines a longstanding case in which police misconduct allegedly caused further injury to a disabled woman … Continue reading Americans with Disabilities

Hit and Run Death

Hit and Run Death in Chicago- Suspect Apprehended A Northwestern University law student was killed over the weekend of March 24th by woman with a blood alcohol level of double the legal limit, according to the Chicago Tribune. 21-year-old Bianca Garcia is charged with DUI and reckless driving in a crash that killed Jesse Bradley. … Continue reading Hit and Run Death

Illinois Car Accident Claim

Illinois Car Accident Claim: Highlighting Wrongful Death Accident Variety According to a recent NBC News Chicago article, a wrongful death accident claim has been filed in response to the death of an intoxicated woman who was killed while walking on Interstate 290 last fall. Diana Paz was killed on September 2, 2011 after being struck … Continue reading Illinois Car Accident Claim

Reviews & Testimonials

Malman Law Reviews & Testimonials If you have sustained a personal injury, it can be an overwhelming and painful time. No one understands that better than the personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman. Our team of qualified Chicago personal injury lawyers will help you receive compensation for your injuries as … Continue reading Reviews & Testimonials

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