It is never an easy decision to put your loved one in an assisted living or nursing home facility. When you add in the prevalence of abuse in nursing homes, it can be downright terrifying. But there are steps you can take to avoid elderly nursing home abuse issues.

Steps to Take When Selecting a Nursing Home:

1. Research: There are plenty of resources you can use to research nursing homes to avoid elderly nursing home abuse with your loved ones. The US database at medicare.gov will allow you to search for specific facilities and check inspection reports, staffing information, and other helpful information.

2. Recommendations: Get advice from friends and family members who have loved ones in assisted living or nursing home facilities. If they seem satisfied, find out if you can visit or speak with their loved one if appropriate to find out more.

3. References: Speak with current residents and their families at prospective nursing home facilities.

4. Request Additional Information: As a final step, you can ask a nursing home lawyer to do additional research into elderly nursing home abuse cases in your area. In this case, no news on your potential nursing home is good news!

Observing Your Loved One in a Nursing Home:

Once you have chosen a nursing home facility for your loved one, it is important not to let your guard down about abuse in nursing homes. It is still practical to be hyper vigilant about your loved one’s living conditions. Look for warning signs during your visits and assess your loved one’s moods and satisfaction with their new home. While an adjustment period is likely to be difficult for both of you, there are some things you should never overlook like unexplained bruises, rapid weight loss or gain or any other signs of abuse or neglect. It is also a good idea to stop by often and unannounced, sometimes at odd hours of the day.

Extensive research and your involvement and attention to your loved one are the best prevention against elderly nursing home abuse. However, if even after following the above recommendations you still have concerns about abuse in your loved one’s nursing home, contact a nursing home lawyer in Chicago or your area for help. They have vast information and resources that can help you and your loved one.

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