Chicago Injury Lawyers Looking for Cause of Ice Accident

Chicago injury lawyers representing a man whose face was shattered by falling ice from a truck are collecting information about the incident in the hopes of filing a lawsuit. Their client, Peter Morano, was injured when a sheet of ice from the top of a semi truck broke free from the truck and shattered his window.

The ice accident caused serious injury to Mr. Morano. Emergency surgery was necessary, and many more procedures will likely be required to restore his face and vision to his left eye. It may be impossible for Morano to ever fully regain vision in his eye. Currently he can only see changes in light and shapes.

Morano’s Chicago injury lawyer and his team are in the process of gathering information to build a lawsuit on behalf of their client. Unfortunately, they have been unable to locate the truck or the truck driver. It is possible that the driver wasn’t even aware of the ice accident.

Morano and his Chicago injury lawyers are not only hoping to be awarded compensation to cover his medical expenses, pain and suffering but also to increase awareness of ice accidents. It is dangerous for truck drivers, as well as all motor vehicle operators, to drive without properly clearing their vehicle of ice and snow. Ice accidents often occur, sometimes without the responsible party ever being aware of the damage left in their wake.

Currently there are four states with laws requiring truck drivers to clear their vehicles of ice and snow – New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania – to avoid ice accidents. However, even though there is no legislation in place, if you have been involved in an ice accident, contact a Chicago injury attorney right away.