Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys File Lawsuit on Behalf of Toddler, Nanny

Chicago personal injury attorneys filed two lawsuits earlier this week against the city of Chicago and a Dept. of Streets & Sanitation truck driver, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The lawsuits were the result of an accident that occurred when the sanitation truck driver allegedly drove into a crowd of people on Saturday afternoon, injuring eight people. “The suits were filed on behalf of 20-month-old Tyler Jones and her 25-year-old nanny Jennifer Anton, who was pushing the little girl in a stroller at the time of the crash,” according to a release from the Chicago personal injury attorneys representing the girl and her nanny.

According to police, the driver of the sanitation truck, Dwight Washington, has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor DUI and four counts of felony aggravated DUI. Washington was also cited for negligent driving, failure to reduce speed and transporting open alcohol in a vehicle.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports, Jones and Anton’s Chicago personal injury attorneys have indicated in a statement that “the suits include counts against the city for negligent supervision of its employee. ‘There was a drunken city worker driving a city truck in a crowded neighborhood,’ attorney Dan Kotin said. ‘In addition, based on eyewitness accounts, the city truck was traveling at an excessive speed. Someone with the city of Chicago should have prevented this.'”

After the accident, the toddler was rushed to Children’s Memorial hospital and has since been discharged. Follow up medical care may be necessary. The toddler’s nanny, Jennifer Anton, remains in serious condition following surgery for her injuries which include multiple severe fractures to her hips, legs and pelvis.

The toddler has been discharged from Children’s Memorial, the release said. Her parents will have to follow up with orthopedic surgeons regarding a possible leg fracture, according to the release from her Chicago personal injury attorneys.

Chicago personal injury attorneys can tell you that every year, lives are lost and families are destroyed because there were people who drove drunk. Luckily, this accident did not result in any fatalities but easily could have. Although drunk people usually are not fully in control of their faculties and are known to make poor decisions, this does not exempt them from responsibility or liability for their actions — especially if serious injuries or wrongful death result. Filing a Chicago car accident case or wrongful death lawsuit can allow you to recover the costs incurred from medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and other damages suffered.