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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dog Bite Attack Owner

Dog Bite Attack Owner Will Avoid Criminal Charges

In the early hours of Monday, January 2 a jogger was brutally attacked by two pit bulls. Fortunately for the man, 62-year-old Joseph Finley, a neighbor heard the man crying for help and ran to assist him. The neighbor, Stanley Lee, used a wooden baseball bat to beat the dogs off the man.

Finley was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery for multiple dog bite injuries on his legs and feet. Lee – the neighbor – escaped without dog bite injuries. When police arrived on the scene, one of the dogs charged the officers and both dogs were shot and killed.

“Police issued citations to the dogs’ owner, who lives near the scene of the attack, for not properly restraining the dogs and not having a license. Police do not plan to charge the owner criminally, police spokesman Ron Gaines said early Tuesday.

It appears the dogs escaped through an open gate, said Chicago Animal Care & Control Commissioner Cherie Travis, who spoke with the owner and a relative,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Illinois Dog Bite Law

Illinois has strict laws to hold negligent owners liable for their dog biting, attacking, or mauling an individual. In addition to holding the owner liable for dog bite injuries, owners may also be held responsible for injuries suffered by a person who gets hurt while trying to escape from an aggressive animal; the liability for injuries is not limited to dog bite injuries.

Additionally, Illinois is a “first bite” state, meaning that the dog that inflicted the bite wounds does not need to have previously bitten another person for a dog bite victim to be able hold the owner liable. Regardless of what the law states it is essential that you are represented by an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney who can help you receive the maximum compensation possible for your dog bite injury.

Dog bite injuries go beyond the pain of the actual dog bite injury site. Dog bite attacks can cause emotional trauma, serious internal injuries, permanent disfigurement, and even death.

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