Elderly Nursing Home Abuse – Warning Signs

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you may have concerns about reports of elderly nursing home abuse or neglect in nursing homes. Abuse of elderly people is on the rise both inside and outside of nursing home facilities. If you are worried about abuse or neglect of your loved one, look for the following warning signs:

Signs of Physical Abuse:
• Bumps and bruises
• Unexplained or unreported injuries

Signs of Emotional Abuse:
• Depressed, withdrawn behavior
• Unexplained fear or paranoia

Signs of Neglect:
• Poor personal hygiene
• Lack of clean clothes, bed linens and towels
• Bedsores or other infections

When you are speaking with and visiting your loved one, the most important thing you can do to avoid elderly nursing home abuse and neglect is to listen. If they are unhappy or constantly complaining, especially if it is against their nature to do so, that is a red flag. This goes for other residents like your loved one’s roommate, as well. When you are visiting, do the other residents seem generally happy and well taken care of? If not, that is another red flag.

Possibly more important than what your loved one says about their living situation is what they aren’t saying but what you are observing. Does the facility seem well maintained and clean? Are the caregivers friendly and outgoing and seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs? If not, or if your loved one seems to shy away from caregivers, this is cause for concern.

It also goes without saying that any significant changes to your loved one’s physical or mental health are causes for concern. This includes sudden or frequent unexplained bruises, rapid weight loss or gain, depression and withdrawal and poor hygiene. All of these conditions, as well as anything else that just doesn’t seem right, give cause for concern about abuse of elderly people in that facility.

Keep in mind that it is your right and responsibility to speak with the administrative team about any concern you have regarding the quality of care your loved one is receiving. Any reputable facility is well aware of elderly nursing home abuse and neglect in nursing homes and should take your concerns seriously. If your concerns are not met with the appropriate level of gravity and respect, there are steps you can take to make a formal complaint about elderly nursing home abuse or neglect on behalf of your loved one.

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