Emailing While Driving? Study Shows You’re Not Alone

Many car accidents in Illinois are the result of emailing while driving and other web surfing activities. But just how prevalent is using the Internet or emailing while driving?

“An online State Farm survey found 19 percent of drivers say they use the Web while driving,” reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Not surprisingly, drivers’ Internet use includes emailing while driving, surfing the internet and also checking Facebook or Twitter.

The State Farm survey is based on information provided by 912 smartphone user drivers. Most drivers who are guilty of Internet use and emailing while driving do so while stopped or in heavy traffic.

The study also finds that the participants often use the Internet during the day or on long drives while driving alone.

About 40 percent of Americans use a smartphone, according to the Sun-Times.

Even if drivers are using the Internet or emailing while driving at slow speeds, in stop-and-go traffic or while stopped, there is still a risk of causing car accidents in Illinois and nationwide. Even fender-benders can cause serious motor vehicle damage and injury.

Car accidents in Illinois can lead to the following common injuries, as well as many other complications:

– Whiplash and other neck injuries (sprain, strain, etc.)
– Facial lacerations or bruising
– Brain trauma such as concussion or traumatic brain injury
– Psychological injuries like post traumatic stress disorder

Sustaining a serious injury during a car accident in Illinois can be tough physically, emotionally, and financially. Recovery can take months or, in some severe cases, victims are left permanently disabled.

The bills for hospital stays, 24-hour care, rehabilitation services, doctor visits, medications, surgeries, tests, as well as the loss of income, benefits, and future earnings can take a toll.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Illinois caused by emailing while driving or some other drivers’ negligence, you should speak with an attorney right away.