Film Legend Mickey Rooney Accuses Son of Elder Abuse

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or elder care facility you may find yourself contemplating the need for a nursing home abuse lawyer in Chicago. However when someone is receiving in-home care given by a caregiver or family member you may not be as concerned about hiring an attorney but the risk is just as great.

Mickey Rooney is a famous example that elder abuse can happen in your own home at the hand of your own family. Rooney is 90 years old and lives with his wife Jan. They were being cared for by Rooney’s stepson Chris Aber. They have accused Aber of abuse including starving the couple, keeping medicine from them and selling their personal property including Rooney’s Oscar. Rooney has hired a personal injury attorney and is now sharing his stories during the court case which is taking place in Los Angeles.

Elder abuse is very real and having it brought to light by a prominent figure like Rooney can help raise awareness. Rooney is famous for his role as Andy Hardy in an MGM film series. Rooney played Andy Hardy in a total of 16 movies. He was a very well known character and his current court case will draw significant public attention.

Due to the fact that elders are less likely to advocate for themselves as abuse victims, it often takes a concerned family member to recognize and put a stop to the abuse.

It is important that elderly people who are receiving care from others be informed that if they suspect they are not being treated fairly they can reach out for help. Having the resources and confidence to reach out to a Chicago nursing home lawyer is the first step to stopping the abuse that is taking place in the care facility or home.

When you contact a nursing home lawyer in Chicago they should respond quickly. At Malman Law there is a lawyer/physician on staff who can actually assess injuries. They are also available 24 hours a day and will travel to you in the event that you are unable to drive yourself. Attorney services like this give nursing home abuse victims the resources they need to help themselves out of their abusive situation.