Five Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago

If you have sustained an injury as a result of negligence, you will likely find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer in Chicago. With so many Chicago injury lawyers out there, how do you narrow it down and ultimately choose one? Here are the top five tips and criteria for choosing a personal injury lawyer in Chicago:

1. Fee: Many Chicago injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you don’t get paid, neither do they. They will provide legal advice and represent you with no cost to you until you receive compensation for your injuries.

2. Experience: It is important to find an attorney who has experience in personal injury law and has worked on multiple cases similar to yours. There are many different subcategories of personal injury law, so it is important to work with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago who has extensive experience with all types of personal injury law, or at least your specific type.

3. Success Rate: Find out the number of cases your personal injury lawyer in Chicago has argued, and what his or her success rate is. Ideally, you are looking for someone with thousands of successful settlements or personal injury compensation awards.

4. Reviews / Recommendations: If you have friends, family members, coworkers, etc. who have successfully filed personal injury suits, ask them for advice on selecting a Chicago injury lawyer. What did they like or dislike about their personal injury lawyer in Chicago? Would they provide a recommendation?

5. Rapport: Lastly, once you have narrowed down your list to a few personal injury attorneys in Chicago, schedule a consultation. You need to find a Chicago injury lawyer that you feel comfortable with. You will likely be spending a lot of time communicating with this individual and their staff over a period of several weeks or even months. It is important that you feel confident in their abilities and are comfortable working with them.

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