Is Bullying Considered a Cause of Wrongful Death in Chicago?

Over the past several months, national attention has been given to teenagers and young adults who have taken their lives after being bullied. Bullying and cyber bullying are problems in schools in the Chicago area as well as the entire country. In many cases, the bullying occurs over a long period of time and the victim decides they can no longer handle it and commits suicide. In many cases, grief stricken family members wonder if there is a way to hold bullies or schools responsible for the bullying that caused their children pain and suffering, and in some cases their deaths.

While you should contact a Chicago injury lawyer or attorney in your area for specifics, it is possible that a suicide resulting from continuous bullying may be considered wrongful death. In many cases, the bullying took place over several months or even years and the victims and their parents repeatedly asked for help. Sometimes, if parents felt their concerns fell on deaf ears and the school administrators did not take their complaints seriously, the end result was a wrongful death lawsuit.

Illinois is one of only eighteen states to have specific legislation relating to bullying and cyberbullying. A Chicago injury lawyer is your best resource for determining if an individual’s rights were violated by bullying, but a very basic overview is as follows:
– Schools must enact written discipline policies for students who are at risk for agressive behavior, i.e. bullying and strictly enforce said policies
– Anyone who prevents a child from attending school or interferes with their attendance at school due to bullying is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor
– A 2008 specific cyberbullying law outlaws using the internet to harass someone – violaters may receive jail time

Teen suicides as a result of bullying seem to be on the rise across the nation. States need to follow the lead set by Illinois and 17 others to draft and enforce legislation specifically aimed at bullying and cyber bullying. If you feel that your child has suffered because of a bully in the Chicago area school district, you should contact a Chicago injury lawyer in your area right away.