Malman Law Client Awarded Over $1.5 Million

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Malman Law recently recovered over $1.5 million for a client suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This medical condition was the result of an accident where the client’s foot was run over by a motor vehicle. While there were no broken bones or surgery required to treat the client’s injuries immediately following the accident, she subsequently began suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

With assistance form our team of qualified personal injury attorneys, our client was awarded over $1.5 million in compensation to cover her pain and suffering.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys know that Complex Regional Pain Syndrome often manifests itself over time after an injury of this nature. While uncommon, this chronic pain most often affects an arm or leg and develops after an injury or other incident like surgery, heart attack or stroke.

The pain resulting from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome tends to be out of proportion with the severity of the original injury. Although the cause of this particularly syndrome is not understood clearly, treatment is possible. For best results, treatment should begin as soon as possible and may result in improvement or total remission.

If you are wondering whether you may be suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, our Chicago personal injury attorneys offer the following list of symptoms:

– Sensitivity to cold and/or touch
– Swelling of the sensitive area
– Changes in skin texture, color and/or temperature
– Muscle spasms and/or atrophy
– Decreased range of motion or ability to move body part
– Stiffness or swelling in joints

If treatment is not immediately sought for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, the affected area – usually an arm or leg – may become cold and pale, undergoing changes in the nail or skin and experiencing muscle tightening or spasms. Once the condition progresses to this point, it is usually irreversible. It is also possible for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to spread from the original site to another part of the body, like the opposite limb. Emotional stress can exacerbate the pain.

If you exhibit any of the above symptoms subsequent to a forceful trauma to a limb like a fracture, amputation or crush injury, our Chicago personal injury attorneys encourage you to contact a physician immediately. You may be suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and our Chicago personal injury lawyers know the importance of treating this medical condition right away. Additionally, you should contact a legal professional to help you recover compensation for your pain, suffering and other subsequent expenses caused by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.