Recent Chicago Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect Cases

Deciding to put a loved one in a nursing home or a care facility is an incredibly difficult decision. Chicago nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers know that this already difficult decision is compounded by the fear of nursing home neglect or abuse. Unfortunately, it is one of the risks and injuries resulting from nursing home abuse and neglect happen far too often.

Malman Law recently added two attorneys to our team of nursing home abuse and neglect Chicago attorneys, making us more qualified than ever to assist you or your loved ones. Here are three of our recent awards:

– Malman Law recovered $260,000.00 for a nursing home resident who contracted bedsores at a nursing home
– Our team also recovered $200,000.00 for another nursing home resident who also contracted bedsores while at a care facility.
– Our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys recovered $825,000.00 on behalf of a nursing home resident who received an overdose of medication and died as a result at the care facility. Although she was given just weeks to live, the overdose hastened her death.

These cases are proof that you do have recourse if you or a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect. Some examples of injuries that are the result of nursing home abuse or neglect include

– Unexplained injuries (falls, fractures, etc.)
– Physical, verbal or sexual abuse or assault
– Wrongful or inappropriate care, including medication errors or failure to follow dietary guidelines
– Sepsis
– Choking
– Financial exploitation
– Wrongful death

Our Chicago nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys know that there is nothing that can take away the guilt, pain and suffering caused by nursing home abuse. However, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, emotional and physical pain and suffering. A qualified nursing home abuse and neglect attorney can focus on filing your case and helping you receive compensation so that you can work on helping your loved one recover and receive adequate care going forward.