Reporting Dog Bites | When It Makes Sense

If you have been bitten by a dog, even if it seems innocuous, you have a responsibility for reporting dog bites. Even if you initially do not appear to be seriously injured by a dog bite, keep in mind that complications may arise as time passes. The bite may become increasingly painful and infected if not treated properly. For this reason, you should also report a dog bite to animal control authorities and seek professional medical attention.

Additionally, if the dog bite does become a serious medical issue, you may be entitled to dog bite compensation. A Chicago dog bite attorney is your best resource for determining liability after reporting dog bites, but here are the general guidelines:

The dog was not provoked in any way. If you were not provoking the dog in any way and it attacked you, the dog’s owner may bear some responsibility for your injury. In some cases, even if the dog was provoked, you may be entitled to dog bite compensation.

You were on public property, or invited onto private property. If you were not trespassing onto the property where the dog bite occurred, most likely there is a liability issue on the part of the dog’s owner.

The dog’s presence was not posted. Again, if you were not trespassing and there was no sign warning of a dog on the premises (i.e. Beware of Dog) and you were attacked, you are not at fault for the dog bite.

Again, these are very general guidelines for determining dog bite compensation. Every situation is unique, and just because the above conditions do not fit your incident does not mean you are not responsible for reporting dog bites. You should also contact a Chicago dog bite attorney – they are your best resource for determining liability and ensuring that you receive dog bite compensation for your injury, pain and suffering.

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