When to Contact a Nursing Home Lawyer in Chicago

If you are wondering whether you need a nursing home lawyer in Chicago, chances are that you probably do. Intuition is a powerful thing, and should not be ignored when it comes to the health and well being of a loved one in a long term care facility. As if the decision to put a family member is not difficult enough, having doubts about the care one is receiving in that nursing home facility is even more so.

Here are signs that it may be time to contact a nursing home lawyer in Chicago:

1. You are uncomfortable signing a contract or other legally binding document. Many nursing homes now add legally binding agreements like mandatory arbitration agreements to admissions paperwork. Oftentimes, family members do not realize or understand the legal implications of the contract they are signing. A nursing home lawyer in Chicago can review paperwork and explain its legality and legal ramifications.

2. You suspect abuse or neglect. There are many signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. If your family member is exhibiting signs of physical or emotional abuse, you should contact a nursing home lawyer in Chicago right away.

3. An injury has occurred as a result of abuse or negligence. Even if the nursing home claims an injury was an accident, you should contact a nursing home lawyer in Chicago to protect the interest of your loved one. In many situations, if injuries are not properly addressed, they can lead to further medical complications and even wrongful death in elderly individuals.

It is your responsibility to advocate for your family member in a long term care facility when they are no longer able to do so. Part of that responsibility is knowing when you need assistance from a professional like a nursing home lawyer in Chicago. Don’t wait – it may be too late if you do.

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