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The Archer Heights community of Chicago, bounded by Stevenson Expressway, Knox Avenue, and rail lines, is home to many of our past and current clients. Given our successful record in resolving personal injury claims asserted by these clients, it is likely to be home to many of our future clients as well. To discuss your case contact our experienced Archer Heights Personal Injury Lawyers. We are here to help get your life back.

Don’t Trust the Insurance Company

Statistically, most personal injury claims are paid out by insurance companies. Although Illinois law forbids bad-faith bargaining by insurance companies, the practical realities of negotiating a claim still leave them a lot of leeway for tactics that we personally consider to be underhanded. Some of their favorite tricks include:

  • Delaying resolution of your claim until the statute of limitations deadline arrives
  • Smooth-talking you out of retaining an attorney
  • Asking you trick questions designed to get you to say something that they can construe as an admission of fault
  • Offering you a quick, inadequate settlement while you are under financial distress
  • Demanding access to your entire medical history so that they can search for pre-existing injuries to blame your condition on
  • Spying on your social network accounts (waiting for you to upload a healthy-looking photo of yourself, or example)

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Following is an incomplete list of the types of personal injury claims we deal with:

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