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At Malman Law, we have been handling personal injury claims for about 25 years (ever since 1994). Suffice it to say that there isn’t much that can happen that our highly experienced Armour Square personal injury lawyers haven’t run into before – and handled successfully. The numbers tell the story for us:

  • 15,000 personal injury victims have received compensation through our efforts, more than the total population of Armour Square
  • Our opposition has transferred more than 200 million dollars to our clients over the years
  • A fair number of our clients have received multi-million dollar recoveries
  • More than 95 percent of our clients’ claims are resolved out of court (because opposing parties are reluctant to face us at trial)
  • We win more than 95 percent of our cases

“But I Can’t Afford an Attorney”

You can definitely afford us, because the amount that will come out of your pocket for your entire case will be precisely $0.00. If we win a settlement or judgment for you, our fee will be taken out as a percentage of your recovery. Of course, if your recovery should turn out to be zero (less than five percent of our clients face this situation), our fees will be zero too.

Our Main Practice Areas

Our proven and winning Armour Square personal injury lawyers  handle the following types of claims, among others:

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