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Chicago wouldn’t be complete without Auburn Gresham.  The stunning architecture of the St. Sabina Church towers over brick two-flats and bungalow-style housing as a reminder of the tremendous changes the area has seen over the last few decades. We salute organizations, such as the Perspectives Leadership Academy, for educating Auburn Gresham’s youth and keeping the flame burning.

Unfortunately, life has a way of tapping us all on the shoulder sometimes. For some of us, that “tap” feels more like a sledgehammer when we face a serious personal injury caused by a drunken driver, a careless doctor, or even a defective prescription medication. When that happens, pain and suffering will compete with financial distress for your attention, all because someone else did something wrong.

Protecting the Rights of the Injured is Our Mission

When someone else’s misconduct causes you injury – anything from traumatic brain injury to a broken hip – you are entitled to compensation from the responsible party or their insurance company. In other words, you have a personal injury claim. Helping injured victims recover the money they are owed in compensation for their injury is not only our job – it is our mission, and it is all we do, every day.

Think You Can’t Afford a Lawyer? Think Again – Our Zero Fee Guarantee

Have you been told that only rich people can afford to hire a lawyer? It’s not so at our office. At Malman Law, it is the quality of your claim that matters, not the size of your bank account. You won’t owe us a dime upfront, and you will never owe us a dime unless we win. Even then, our legal fees will be taken out as a percentage of your compensation, so you will be guaranteed to come out ahead.

One of Our Clients Speaks

“If anyone has a problem and is in need of help call Malman Law. At Malman Law you are not just a client, you are part of the family.” – Donyell G.

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