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Our Bridgeport clients retain us after suffering a road accident on the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway, medical malpractice at a local hospital, or another type of injury. Many end up at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center or at hospitals further afield. What they all have in common is that they have been victimized by the someone else’s misconduct. If this happened to you, you have the right to be angry.

Should I Fight or Settle?

Generally, you should attempt to settle first, since it’s quicker and easier that way. Because of Malman Law’s fearsome reputation in court, it is likely that the defendant (or his insurance company) will become much more amenable to settlement once they realize that we are representing you. 95 percent of our cases are resolved through out-of-court settlements.

We will be happy to negotiate on your behalf to make sure that you receive every penny you are entitled to, and we can draft a settlement agreement that fully protects your interests. We know all the negotiating tricks that stingy insurance companies and evasive defendants like to pull, and we won’t fall for any of them. Nobody messes with one of our clients.

Our Zero Fee Guarantee

At Malman Law, we care about how strong your claim is, not how many zeroes appear on your bank account statement. Since we win about 95 percent of our cases, we don’t bill on an hourly basis. If we don’t win, you pay nothing. If we do win, our fee is calculated as a percentage of your recovery, and it won’t come due until your money actually arrives.


“If anyone has a problem and is in need of help call Malman Law. At Malman Law you are not just a client, you are part of the family.” —  Donyell G.

Types of Cases We Handle

Following are only a few examples of the types of personal injury cases we handle:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is “causation” and how does it affect a personal injury claim?

Proving negligence is not enough by itself to win a negligence-based personal injury claim. In addition to proving the existence of negligence, you must prove that the negligence was a substantial cause of the accident that injured you. There can be more than one “substantial cause” of an accident.

2) Can I file a personal injury claim against someone who criminally assaulted me?

Yes, you can. Negligence is not the only basis for a personal injury claim – an intentional assault will also support liability. Since insurance generally does not cover intentional assaults, however, you may have difficulty collecting damages if the defendant cannot afford to pay them.

3) How can I collect compensation if the at-fault driver was uninsured or if the value of my claim exceeds his insurance coverage?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you might try:

  • Filing a claim against your own uninsured motorist insurance, if you have any;
  • Claiming against the at-fault driver’s personal assets; or
  • Looking for a second defendant (the driver’s employer, for example, if he was on-duty at the time of the accident).

4) What do I have to prove to win damages for a dog bite?

Illinois dog bite law requires you to prove that:

  • the defendant owned the dog;
  • the defendant’s dog attacked you;
  • you did not provoke the dog; and
  • you were not trespassing on the owner’s property.

5) What happens to my claim if I was partly at fault for the accident?

Illinois contributory fault law does not absolutely bar you from damages in this situation, as long as your fault was less than the defendant’s fault (as determined by the court). Nevertheless, since your damages will be reduced in proportion to your degree of fault, you could lose up to 49 percent of your damages.

You may have other questions about your case. Please contact one of our skilled and proven Bridgeport Accident Attorney to discuss your concerns.

$200 Million and Counting

Over the last 25 years, we have served over 20,000 injury victims by winning over $200 million in compensation from private settlements and courtroom verdicts. Even multimillion dollar recoveries are not uncommon at our firm. One of the main reasons for our stellar track record is the fact that we limit our practice to personal injury law –  and we only represent victims, never insurance companies.

Timing Matters With Your Bridgeport Personal Injury Claim – Act Today

A personal injury claim deteriorates over time, as evidence grows stale and the statute of limitations deadline approaches. Consequently, the sooner you get the ball rolling by calling our Bridgeport accident lawyers, the better. Telephone Malman Law today at 1-888-836-5975 or contact us online for a free initial case consultation. If your injuries prevent you from coming to our office, don’t worry – we will come to you, even if you are in the hospital.

Firm Awards & Recognitions

Steven Malman was selected to the list. The list is issued by the American Institute of Legal Counsel. A description of the selection methodology can be found at

  • Steven Malman was selected to the list. The list is issued by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys. A description of the selection methodology can be found at

  • Steven Malman was selected to the list for 2018-2019.

  • Only the top 100 trial lawyers from each state or highly-populated regions of certain states who are actively practicing in civil plaintiff and/or criminal defense law are eligible for invitation. Invitees must demonstrate superior qualifications, leadership skills, and trial results as a legal professional. The selection process for this elite honor is based on a multi-phase process based upon objective and uniformly applied criteria which includes peer nominations combined with third party research.

    Prospective members of The NTL are carefully screened prior to receiving an invitation for membership.

Client Review

  • "I'm very pleased to recommend Malman Law to my friends and relatives! I have to mention how efficient and professional in dealing with my case has been with everyone that I've been in contact with at Malman Law. Mrs. Sabo is outstanding as well as her secretary and assistant in responding quickly to any of my questions or concerns. This firm has gone above and beyond to keep me updated and get answers to my questions at any time, weekends included! Malman Law rules in my opinion! "

    - Cheryl Wagemann
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