Accident and Injury Attorneys Serving Victims in the Calumet City, IL Area

Calumet City won national fame in the early 1970’s when, at the behest of a local child, town engineers painted an enormous smiley face on the municipal water towers. These two towers (quickly redubbed the “smiley towers”) vaulted Cal City into the limelight for a few weeks in 1973 and spurred towns across the nation to decorate their water towers and municipal buildings. Today, Calumet City is home to around 40,000 people spread out across an area of about 7.5 square miles. Wild Cal borders the state of Indiana and supports an array of small businesses, farms, and service entities.

As delightful as Calumet City can be, living in a rural region of Illinois comes with its challenges. An individual injured in a truck accident on Dolton Avenue, for instance, might have trouble getting immediate, exhaustive medical care. During the icy Midwestern winters, the roads in Calumet City can get sleety and slick; car crashes, slip and falls, spinal injuries, and other unfortunate accidents can and do result. Oftentimes, victims of these local catastrophes wind up burdened for life with extra medical costs, decreased ability to bring in income, and emotional and psychological trauma.

Whether you’ve suffered a dog bite, spinal cord injury, or motorcycle crash related damage, it may behoove you to seek the advice of legal counsel to determine potential options to recoup costs – not just from the individual(s) who caused the accident but also from other potentially liable entities, such as your insurance company or even the state government. Building a personal injury case for your Calumet City accident will likely require significant resources – even if the case appears at first blush to be pretty cut and dry. Fortunately, Calumet City injury victims can rely on the services of Malman Law. The dedicated lawyers at Malman Law have aggressively, actively, and creatively represented their clients and won myriad victories – both at settlement and at trial. Please contact Malman Law to find out more information about one of Chicago’s most well reputed injury attorneys, or dial 1-(888) 625-6265 or fill out our free online consultation.