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At Malman Law, over 95 percent of our clients receive out-of-court settlements rather than trial judgments. If push comes to shove, however, our proven and winning Calumet Heights personal injury lawyers are ready to duke it out in court. Ironically, it is our stellar courtroom track record that tends to keep our clients out of court! Insurance companies and corporate legal departments know us, and they don’t want to face us in court. We don’t blame them.

Be Careful – Insurance Companies Can Be Downright Sneaky

Although Illinois law prohibits insurance companies from engaging in bad-faith bargaining, they will seize upon any loophole to minimize their payout. They are businesses, their purpose is to make a profit, and they don’t profit from paying claims. Following are some of their most common tricks:

  • Monitoring your social media accounts (and your friends’ accounts) for evidence that your injury isn’t as serious as you are claiming
  • Asking you to record an interview about the accident and then asking you trick questions during the interview
  • Asking you to release your entire medical history
  • Delaying your claim until the statute of limitations deadline expires
  • Talking you out of retaining a personal injury lawyer

Unfortunately, insurance companies have hundreds more tricks like this up their sleeves. Discussing your case with our highly experienced Calumet Heights personal injury lawyers will help you avoid these tricks.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Following are only a some of the types of claims we handle every day:

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