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Car Accidents as a Result of Improper Cargo Loading

Both truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to strict regulations on the manner in which the truck’s cargo is loaded. Improperly loaded cargo is inherently dangerous, perhaps more dangerous than an intoxicated driver. Accidents caused by cargo loading errors often trigger sizeable personal injury claims.

How Cargo Overloading Causes Death and Injury

Some of the most common and reasonably foreseeable ways that cargo overloading can cause death and injury include:

  • Falling cargo acts as a projectile and penetrates the windshield of a trailing vehicle.
  • An object falls onto the road and causes a second vehicle to strike a third vehicle (multi-vehicle pile-ups are possible, especially in Chicago traffic).
  • The truck tips over on its side at high speed, crushing an adjacent vehicle.
  • The truck driver loses control of the truck after a high-speed blowout that was caused by cargo overloading.

Wrongful Death Claims in Chicago

Cargo overloading accidents are more likely to be fatal than most other types of accidents. The  Illinois wrongful death statute allows the personal representative of the probate estate of a deceased truck accident victim to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Damages do not go to the estate directly but to the surviving spouse (if any) and next of kin.

Wrongful death awards are substantial. Typically, they are comparable to the amount that might have been awarded had the victim lived and won a personal injury claim for grievous bodily injury.

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The following are a few of the types of truck accident claims we frequently handle:

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